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Amrish Puri
Amrish Puri was born on 22 june 1932. He was born in Nawanshahr, Punjab, British India.
And he died on 12 January 2005 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Jogin died when he was 72 years old. Amrish Puri has two children.
is believed. That Amrish Puri has appeared in more than 500 films in his life. Which is not less than a record. He has worked in many films.
Amrish Puri has also received many awards. Amrish Puri came to work in the film industry after turning 40.
When Amrish Puri first screen test was being done, Amrish Puri’s test was ruined for the first time.
Amrish Puri seems to have had a government job for 21 years. Amrish Puri used to make people aware by hitting his different dialogues in every film. Villain had the most role in them.
Amrish Puri is a very good Indian actor. And Amrish Puri is My Favorite Villain. Amrish Puri has faced many difficulties in his life. And his journey from rich family to the rich was very fun.
When he faced so many difficulties in his life, he was able to appear as a very popular one. He is a very popular actor of India, who is loved by every Indian citizen.
Amrish Puri has acted in many films in his life. In most of the films he acted as a villain. And his film used to be very popular, he spent much of his life in making films, which today he is known by the world as Amrish Puri.

Indian Most Popular Villain Amrish Puri About

Amrish Puri acted in many films in his life. He is a popular actor. Which were very famous. In his time, he has spent too much of his life in filming. Whatever his film was. He used to become popular with the people.
He worked in many films in his life, he has played the role of Villain in many films. Whatever be the time of today, but in today’s time too many films are there. Amrish Puri has worked in it. And people still like them very much today. But now it is not in this world. Still, many people like him and his film.
Whatever film he had, he was seen very much in the past, but the film industry changed with the passage of time.
But he earned a lot of name in his life, even today people are desperate to know about him. And Amrish Puri was also a very hardworking actor.

Amrish Puri Movie

 Year  Title  Role
 1970  Prem Pujari Jerry, Henchmen in church 
 1971  Reshma Aur Shera,
Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe
 Rehmat Khan
 1973   Kaadu, Hindustan Ki Kasam  Chandra Gowda
 1975  Salaakhen  Master
 1976  Manthan  Mishraji
 1977  Alibaba Marjinaa, Sat Sri Akal, Bhumika, Immaan Dharam  Dharam  Dhayal
 1996  Ghatak  Shambu Nath
 1998  Doli Saja Ke Rakhna  Jojo Pinto
2000  Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke  Yagvender Gareval
 2001  Gadar: Ek Prem Katha  Mayor Ashraf Ali (Sakina’s father)
 2002  Rishtey  Yashpal Chaudhary
 2003  Out of Control  Jatta Singh Bedi (Jaswinder’s father)
 2004  Mujhse Shaadi Karogi  Kartar Singh/Paaji
   Taarzan: The Wonder Car  Narrator
 nnxn  Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo  Narrator
 2005  Kisna: The Warrior Poet  Bhairo Singh

Amrish Puri did his early studies from Punjab. Amrish Puri wanted to become a hero in his life, but due to not having a good face, he was rejected by many Director.
Because his face was not like the hero, many people rejected him. But a Director said that you cannot be you but your face is like Villain.
His brothers were also working in the film industry at that time. When Amrish Puri met him, he said that you have to find your own destination, you have to work hard, we cannot help you.
Due to not having a good face, they faced many problems in their life, but they say that success is never achieved by seeing face, success is always seen by madness.
But when Amrish Puri heard that I can not be a hero, my face is not good, he felt very bad, he was very angry, but what else could God do when he has made him like this, what can he do? . He thought that God never makes anyone bad.
But when this thing sat in his heart, he forgot Acting’s dream for some time. From then on, they ran out of time and thought that they should get a job. Later he got a job which was a government job. And he did a government job for 21 years.
After working for 21 years, he started remembering about acting again. Then he met a human. That person told them that you should go to the play first. Act in a drama So that you know how to speak and understand. Only then you can work in a film.
Amrish Puri worked in a lot of dramas and worked very hard to fulfill his dream. He never wanted to forget his dream. And the dream that you really have in your mind must be fulfilled.
Amrish Puri said one thing. That if I have a teacher in this world. so he is. Satya Pandit Dubey because he had shown the way to fulfill Amrish Puri’s dream. And on the same path, Amrish Puri fulfilled his dream, he could not become a hero but became Villain.
It became quite famous by doing drama. Due to which, he also got the opportunity to work in a film. In that film, he played his role quite well.
Gradually, he got work in the film but spoke two-four words or could not get a chance to speak more in the film, gradually the time progressed and he started working in many films.
Gradually, he got his role and he started working in a lot of films, he was selected in all the films. It is a matter that he was taken in many films after the 1990s. May not have worked.
Gradually the character of Amrish Puri started to see the world and Amrish Puri started to like the people, the dialogue of Amrish Puri was very much liked by the people and it seemed that yes this is a true Villain.

Amrish Puri Son image

Amrish Puri Son image
This is a photo of Amrish Puri son. Amrish Puri’s son’s name is Rajiv Puri. They are very beautiful in appearance. Amrish Puri wanted to keep his son away from films. He did not want my son to work in films.
There were many such wishes of Amrish Puri which his son fulfilled and do. His sons are also very good and intelligent. Amrish Puri loved his daughter very much.
But for some reason he did not want my son to come to Bollywood and get a film out. He wanted to keep his son away from shooting from films.

Amrish Puri death

Amrish Puri died on 12 January 2005. As we all know that Amrish Puri took out a lot of films in his life and ruled the hearts of the world. Whenever a film by Amrish Puri came, we were definitely eager to see it, but whatever movie was a hit, I like it It seems that Amrish Puri was the reason for the film being a hit because Amrish Puri played very well.
Amrish Puri is a very good meeting, which I did not get to see. And he made a lot of films in his life. Amrish Puri died in about 72 years. But Amrish Puri did something that he became immortal for a lifetime.

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