How to increase website traffic in 2020

Not knowing how many bloggers leave blogging every day due to not getting traffic. For a blog to be a success, it is very important to have good traffic on that blog. However, after creating a blog, the biggest tension is how to increase traffic on your blog. If no one will read our blog, we will not enjoy blogging and if there is no traffic then we will not be able to earn money from our blog.
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Many bloggers do everything possible to increase traffic on their blog, even they share their blog on social media like Facebook and Whatsapp, yet they do not get good traffic. If you are also troubled by the lack of traffic on your blog, then you read this article to the last because in this article today we have told how to increase the traffic of your blog?
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If the traffic on your blog is very less, then do not panic at all, because today we will tell you some points which after following the blog will also bring good traffic.
1. Quality Content-
If you want a lot of traffic on the blog, then you have to work hard to create your content because without hard work you will create content, but its quality will not be as good. The visitor visits the same blog again and again and gets good content, So try to make your content as good as you can. And yes, many early bloggers make their content in very few words due to which their blog is not able to rank, it should always be an attempt that any post of your blog must be at least 500 words.
2. Blog Title-
Blog’s title is very important, even more, important than the content of your blog is your blog’s title because whenever someone searches something on Google, there are many blogs related to that search, but most people Out of all those blogs, they click on the same blog whose title attracts them.
3. Loading Fast Templates –
This is a big reason for the lack of traffic on the blog, many new bloggers often make the mistake that they choose any theme for their blog without thinking. Always keep in mind that for your blog, select the same theme that loads quickly, if it takes more than 4-5 seconds to load your blog, then the visitor will close your blog and move to another blog. Increasing the loading time of the blog also affects the ranking of the blog.
4. Social Site Sharing-
Social media helps a lot in growing any business. Social media has reached the pinnacle of success till date. In today’s time, the younger generation has got the ghost of social media, in today’s time there are only one means of bringing more traffic in a very short time, that is social media, by sharing the link of your blog on social media You can get very good traffic. And you create a page of your blog on Facebook and share the link of the traffic of your blog there too, by doing this your blog will reach targeted people.
5. Guest Post-
If you are new to blogging, then a guest post is an option by which you can increase the traffic of your blog. If you do not know what a guest post is, then let’s first understand the guest post. Guest post means to publish your article on another blog. Now many people will have this question that what would be the benefit of posting a guest? So let me tell you that by posting Guest, you get a backlink which increases the traffic of your blog, and at the same time, guest posting also helps you get acquainted with other bloggers, which helps you a lot.
6. Q/A Site-
Question-answer sites are a very good way of bringing traffic to the blog today. If you talk about which question-answer sites are the best, then tell you that quora are the most popular sites. On this site, you can answer questions related to your blog topic. And at the end of the answer, give a link to your blog, by doing this, whoever reads your answer on quora, then, in the end, they will definitely click on the link of your blog.
7. Regular Updates-
As the world is kissing the peak of progress, the old thing is being changed. Now in such a situation, if you leave your blog once, then the matter written in it will become very old, that is why you have to regularly update old things in your blog.
8. Search Engine Optimization-
I hope that if you do blogging, then you will definitely know about SEO, if you do SEO on your blog properly, then Google will give you so much traffic that you cannot even guess. Many bloggers write good content, yet their blog does not rank on search engines, so the reason is that they ignore SEO but they do not know how important it is for them to do SEO.
9.Youtube Channel-
Before the arrival of Jio, people used YouTube very little because YouTube used to consume a lot of data, but after the launch of Jio, the entire game of the internet changed. Today more people spend time on YouTube than people use Facebook and WhatsApp, which is why YouTube has become the world’s largest search engine after Google.
You can also increase the traffic of your blog through YouTube. For this, first, you have to create a YouTube channel and you have to upload videos on that channel, but keep in mind that you make videos on the same topic on which you are blogging, and in the description of each video you add a link to your blog. Two, by doing this, whoever will see your video, they will surely go to your blog by clicking the blog link given in the description. So that the traffic of your blog will increase to a great extent.
So, friends, this is some way by which you can increase the traffic of your blog, hope that you will have liked the traffic of this blog.

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